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Service Management
available in packages: Service & Support, Solution Provider

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Service Management Helps You Stay Organised And In Control

Ideal not just for scheduling servicing but also for keeping a detailed log of historical service. OscarOnline's service/support contracts system lets you manage every aspect of your contracts. Integration with the quote, order and invoicing systems allows you to see all activity under the contract from one place.

Easily Organise Supported Equipment

For each contract you can let OscarOnline know which items you support. Oscar will use this information to keep track of work done and remind you when work is due. This is ideal for situations where you need to check an item's status quickly - for example, when a customer calls for assistance and you need to check if they're covered under a service/support contract and that the item they're calling about is also covered.

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Track Tickets And Easily Invoice

As well as helping you handle the scheduling and management side of service contracts, OscarOnline can track all active tickets and streamline the invoicing process. When the software alerts you that a service invoice is due, you can produce an invoice with a couple of clicks, which can then be emailed directly from Oscar and stored safely for later reference.