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VOIP & Internet

Full VOIP Telephone Service

Whether you're already using VOIP or still on traditional lines, we can help.

We can bring your existing phone numbers over to the new system, set up all the phones, help you pick handsets, and even install any cabling you might need.

Within your monthly package is support for the entire system.

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Fully Hosted VOIP

All you need is an internet connection and handsets - if you don't have those, don't worry, we can provide those too!

The system is managed by us, in the cloud; this means you can access it from anywhere, and staff can answer calls to your office when working from home.

You can make and receive office calls from any location with an internet connection - even using your laptop or mobile phone when you don't have a handset nearby!

2025 Deadline!

All analogue line are scheduled to be stopped in 2025; that includes PSTN and ISDN lines, so if your business is still using traditional lines, now is the time to think about switching to VOIP.

Contact us on 01527 598803 or email sales@oscaronline.biz

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