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Your Customers and Prospects Work Better in OscarOnline

By having your customers and prospects in OscarOnline you open up a powerful set of abilities that make many tasks quicker and easier than before. It's UK small business CRM software at it's best!

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  • Track which marketing is most successful
  • Categorise your customers and prospects
  • Target based on location
  • Contacts can be shared with all staff
  • Access securely from anywhere
  • Easily import existing contacts
Tracking Communication

No more forgetting who said what to who and when - with OscarOnline you can easily keep track of your conversations and the emails you send to customers and prospects.

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  • Set sales follow-ups
  • Record emails sent to your contacts
  • Save documents against conversations
  • See what the team is up to
  • Keep converstaion notes
  • Send letters and emails
Quotes, Orders & Invoices So Much Faster!

With your customers and prospects in OscarOnline its quick and easy to quote, issue order confirmations and invoices. No more copying and pasting from Word & Excel!

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  • Email quotes directly from OscarOnline
  • Report on outstanding quotes, coversion rates etc
  • Apply your terms & conditions
  • Quotes branded to your business
  • Easily see what hasn't been invoiced
  • Keep track of your profit margins
Direct Marketing Made Easy and Effective!

So you've got a nice list of prospect emails and permission to email them - well now you can send to them directly from OscarOnline.

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  • Single click email opt-out for compliance
  • Emails sent from your email address
  • A range of targeting filters
  • A complete history of what you've sent to who
  • Track open rates
  • No need for 3rd party systems
What Else Can OscarOnline Do?

Believe it or not, all of the above are in our Starter Package! You can view our packages which include prices via the top menu.

Depending on what kind of business you are in, you may be lucky enough to use some of the more niche features of OscarOnline too.

Here are the links to more detail on all areas.

STEP 1 - Watch the Videos.

Start by watching the Contacts & Marketing video as it's the core of OscarOnline, essentially it's UK small business CRM and includes everything that's in our Starter Package.

The other, optional parts of OscarOnline are also available for you to watch!

Contacts & Marketing

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Products & Stock

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Service Management

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Event Management

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Club Management

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STEP 2 - Ask Questions.
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Every business is different and you'll want to make sure OscarOnline will work for you.