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Is there a manual?

Better than that, there are videos on almost every screen inside the OscarOnline system. Just log-in to your system and use the help icon to see the videos available for the screen you are on. Failing that, your fastest way to get help is normally to use the live chat feature on this site. Remember to have your support key ready for the support assistant.

Can I email quotes from the system?

Yes. Quotes, order confirmations, purchase orders, invoices and statements can all be emailed directly.

Can we attach our terms and conditions to quotes?

Yes. You can create as many sets of terms and conditions as you need and upload them as pdf files. Then when you create a quote you simply pick the T&Cs you want to attach.

Can I use Oscar for mass email marketing?

It depends on what you mean by "mass email marketing". You can send many thousands of emails per month to customers and prospects using Oscar, but the facility is intended for sending to clean data that you have the correct permissions to mail. If you want to buy a massive list of email addresses to import and send to, then Oscar isn't the right choice for you.

Demo System

What limitations are there in the demo/trial system?

You get full access for 1 week but at the end of that week all data in the demo system is wiped. Also, any outgoing email sent via the demo system will go to your registered email address only.


Does Oscar have an API?

A complete documented API is being developed but it's not ready yet. However it may be that the parts you need are available in beta. If this is something you are interested in then email support with specifics.

Can I use Oscar to send out email from a Hotmail or Gmail account?

No. To prevent SPAM you have to be able to verify control over any domain you send email from. We will ask you to create an SPF record in the DNS of the domain you are sending from to authorise the Oscar servers.

If Oscar isn't quite right for me can it be tweaked?

There are some features in Oscar than we can turn on and off depending on your requirements. We don't leave all features enabled by default to avoid making the system look cluttered and confusing. It's worth checking with support to see if your requirement is already available as it may just need activating.


How often is may data backed-up in Oscar?

All data in Oscar is configured to backup every 15 minutes. The backups are encrypted and sent to an entirely different location.

Is access to Oscar encrypted?

Yes. We implement 256bit SSL encryption.

Are user passwords encrypted?

Yes. Passwords are encrypted in the database and cannot be read by us or anyone else in their decrypted form.

Is my data encrypted?

Yes. All data in Oscar is encrypted at rest.

Can staff at OscarOnline access my data?

Only essential support & development staff have direct access to the server database. We will NEVER disclose your data to any 3rd party unless we are legally obliged to do so. And we will never use your data other than to provide you with the services you pay for. Our Data Processing Policy can be reviewed here

Can I take my own backup?

Yes. You can download all of your data from within Oscar via the administration section. The backup is in Microsoft SQL format and you can download a free version of SQL Express to view the data. From there you can export the data into other formats and for use in another system.

How do I stop my staff from accessing information I don't want them to see?

Oscar has very granular restrictions, meaning you can decide exactly what screens your staff users can access, and in many cases you can decide if they can view only or also edit.