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Club Management
available in packages: Clubs & Associations, Membership & Events

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Club Management Keeps You In Close Contact With Your Membership

Ideally suited to businesses that operate clubs or member associations, club management tracks membership, communications and fees, minimising busy work and ensuring you can keep everything on time. Integration with the mailing wizard lets you contact every member quickly and efficiently, while automatic reminders for membership renewals ensure you maximise repeat business.

Save Time And Communicate Effectively

OscarOnline lets you create scheduled emails for members, freeing up time that you would have previously spent writing and sending out individual messages. You only have to write out your emails once, and then you can set whatever schedule you like for them - for example, you could have an email go out on each member's renewal date. An ideal system for membership renewal reminders, regular event announcements or other member information.

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Maximise Renewal Fees - Never Forget Important Tasks

As renewal dates approach you'll want to do everything you can to keep them on-schedule. OscarOnline doesn't just manage your members, it can help you manage your time as well. When renewal time is up you can set it to remind you to call the members - chasing payment, or to contact lapsed members to find out why they didn't renew. All you have to do is enter the task and when before/after each renewal date you want to be reminded.