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Products & Stock
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Stay Organised and Save Time on Products & Stock

Our products & stock control module helps you save time in managing orders and keeping track of everything your businesses stocks, right down to the last product and part. This means you can stock what you need where you need it, and thanks to our intelligent online system you can despatch from anywhere at any time. With plenty of space for detailed item descriptions you can display exactly what the product is on the quote and invoice, and Oscar will even alert you when stock runs low.

Stock Control Made Easy

OscarOnline lets you purchase new stock quickly and effectively, with a simple booking-in process for when goods arrive. You can pick the stock location for the delivery and even specify the exact bay the product is held. For despatch, a courier tracking code can be assigned and emailed to your customer for use with a courier tracking page. With OscarOnline keeping track of how much stock you currently have, how much is on purchase, how much is reserved for sales and how much is available is easy.

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Easily Manage Detailed Proposals And Orders

OscarOnline has been designed to handle large complex products easily and produce the quotes and other documents for you quickly. With up to 500 lines of description available per product, you can easily describe your product or solution clearly for your customer. Couple that with a library of your terms and conditions together with auto calculated prices and you have a flexible, effective solution for detailed or complex proposals.