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The Simple, effective UK Small Business CRM

OscarOnline is a cost-effective business management solution for UK-based small-to-medium businesses. You need something that saves you time and makes your business more efficient, while providing you with more of the tools you need and less of the ones you don't. In our experience, other management systems are either too complicated, to expensive or take too much time to learn. Whereas Oscar puts powerful, easy to use and effective tools in the hands of small businesses.

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Drive More Sales!

The tools in OscarOnline can help you drive more sales at every stage, whether that's by helping you organise your contacts and all the important information you have about them, reminding you about your sales follow-ups, or providing the mailing tools you need to get your message out to the market. Powerful performance analysis tools let you figure out exactly which strategies are working for you and which aren't.

Save Time - No Duplication

OscarOnline's tools are designed to save you time and improve the profit margins of your business. Speed is an absolute priority, meaning you save time at every stage of prospecting and sales - whether that's initial quoting, order progression, or invoicing, OscarOnline means everything can be controlled through a few clicks.

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