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PC Display showing OscarOnline product screen snippet
Stay Organised and Save Time on Products & Stock

Ideally suited to businesses that quote standard products/services or products with many lines of specification. Stock control will help you stay organised and save time processing orders.

Stock Control Made Easy!

Easily move or adjust stock and keep track of the changes. You can stock products in multiple locations and despatch from anywhere you choose. Let Oscar notify you when stock is running low.

OscarOnline stock adjustment snippet on tablet display
Mobile display showing order line edit snippet
Easily Manage Detailed Proposals And Orders

With Oscar you can create products or services with many lines of description, which is ideal for solutions that have a detailed specification to display on the quote. You can even combine products to make a larger product—this could be a “pack” where your customers buy a “packaged product” from you that is made up of many products (“Product Children”) that you have to buy. Oscar will save you time by calculating your total buying price when you add in all the products you use to make up the final solution