service management diagram
PC Display showing OscarOnline contract screen snippet
Service Management Helps You Stay Organised And In Control

Quickly and easily create a service ticket for regular maintenance or as-and-when issues. Record what actions have been taken and see how much time was spent on the ticket. Document upload lets you store any related documents against the ticket for easy retrieval.

Easily Organise Supported Equipment

For each contract let Oscar know what items you service or support. Oscar will keep track of the work done on each supported item and let you know when a service is due. This is particularly useful when a customer calls for assistance and you want to check if the item is covered under the service contract.

OscarOnline equipment list snippet on tablet display
Mobile display showing action ticket list snippet
Track Tickets And Easily Invoice

You can tell Oscar what you invoice for each service contracts and how often. Oscar will then remind you when an invoice is due. A simple click will produce the next invoice which can be emailed straight from Oscar.